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Phamilian is the home planet for all these creators. Phamilian had 7 Great Countries but two were killed off so there are only 5. This planet where they live any other being that is not on list is not really big countries listed. There’s a major rule that this planet has to gone by, the rule is people can only mate with their people also they cannot go out with other people from different countries. The reason why they have this rule because they don’t want bloodline traits being passed down or having new blood lines start. Most people already don’t listen to this rule and do go out with who they ever want to go out with which cause new traits and abilities to start up in a different country.

(Alpine Acres = Goat Country) Caprapreme = Goat Leader – Janine Yosephina Tresse
(Shofar Acres = Ram Country) Ovispreme = Ram Leader – Jayleen Quthura Tresse
(Silver Acres = Bear Country) Ursuspreme = Bear Leader – Bakar Silver Bays
(Marine Acres = Otter Country) Lutrapreme = Otter Leader – Utaren Vincent Doakes
(Grevy Acres = Zebra Country) Equuspreme = Zebra Leader – Zarkon Jack Kyleson


These are the elements almost all of them has a weakness or an increase on another. Ever person has these element within them some people know how to use it some don’t some people will have to learn how to use it. Every user who knows how to control their element has a natural weakness element that the user’s body can’t handle even if it’s not the weakness of the element that the user has.

Water reflects Light
Water beats Fire
Earth absorbs Water
Wind increases Fire
Water increases Lightning
Dark absorbs Fire
Wind beats Lightning
Fire beats Earth
Earth absorbs Light
Lightning beats Earth
Lightning increases Light
Wind beats Earth
Light (N/A) Dark

Mana Shinjiru

The Mana Shinjiru is an ability that you are born with. Anybody who was born under the rainbow on Phamilian instantly has this ability along with the Prism Rainbow Element as well. The Mana Shinjiru stops the opponent from using their elements when held by the user of Mana Shinjiru. It also bends the supernatural to the user making the impossible more likely to occur. Most users are unaware that they have this ability.

11 Pandemonium Gemstones and Jhātka

The thing about the Pandemonium Gemstones is that the stones have human spirits in them each one of them has a spirit. If the spirits don’t like their host they won’t help them unless they are in danger. The spirits are in the gemstones that are in the Jhātka. There was always a host every since the Pandemonium Gemstones were created thousands of years ago. Jhātka was always there to make sure that only one person could have that power and to make sure that nobody would try to steal it. There were always organizations like Dovargent in the past that will always try to get there hands on them. The Grand Gemstone power only works if all the human spirits are near it, that’s why nobody can control the Grand Gemstone itself.

1. Sphere (Red)(Human Spirit: Female) – this one makes you stronger depending on your feelings and also will increase your element power (Jhātka: Boomer Spegen)
2. Cube (Brown)(Human Spirit: Female) – Slow down or speed it up time (Jhātka: Harnessia Aura)
3. Cuboid (Bright Green)(Human Spirit: Male) – able to heal you (Jhātka: Gem Sparkles)
4. Dodecahedron (Silver) (Human Spirit: Female) – Able to track down the other gemstones. Gives the Jhātka magnetic pull force powers. (gemstones don’t connect with each other expect this one) (Jhātka: ?)
5. Octahedron (Turquoise)(Human Spirit: Male) – see into the future of today (Jhātka: Mystic Wizeman)
6. Hexagon Prism (Dark Blue)(Human Spirit: Male) – power to summon Dark Holes (Jhātka: Arcane Wizeman)
7. Square Pyramid (Gold)(Human Spirit: Male) – Transformation – this one allows you to turn into anybody and also can make yourself turn into anything and work like the thing it turned into (Jhātka: ?)
8. Small Stellated Dodecahedron (Black) (Human Spirit: Female) – Able to stop Jhātka from using their gemstone’s power also it can’t be tracked by anything. Gives the Jhātka magnetic push force powers. (Jhātka: ?)
9. Rhombic Triacontahedron (Orange)(Human Spirit: Male) – This give you the power of telekinesis also you will be able to read minds and be able to get in your opponents head (Jhātka: Turtus Orkle)
10. Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid (Dark Yellow)(Human Spirit: Female) – gives you the ability to turn invisible also it allows you to turn others and things invisible also be able to put up force field around those things or yourself (Jhātka: ?)
11. Elongated Pentagonal Orthobicupola (Purple)(Human Spirit: Male) – this ones absorbs the other powers of the other gemstones but it can only absorb one at time it can’t absorb 4 & 8 because of no host (Jhātka: ?)


Dovargent is an organization that goes after the Jhātka that has the 11 pandemonium stones they are collecting these gemstones so that they can summon the Xiuhcoatl out of the Grand Gemstone. They kill the Jhātka that has the gemstone that is inside of them which takes 4 days to take the gemstone. It will take 7 if the host is dead or longer. There are 16 members in the Dovargent everybody has to have a partner but only two members who are not suppose to have partners are Precious and Vimon. Everybody that is in this organization is known as worldwide criminals in Phamilian with high talent and that they should be killed on sight. They wear long white robes with short sleeves and no collars with black and grey suns on their robes with these bracelets they have to where to show and represent that they are a full Dovargent member who won’t give out any information if captured. These cloaks are indestructible if they get holes in them it gets stitched up also it can’t be burn by fire so the characters that where these have an advantage over their opponent because of this.
Maria: So Boomer where are you plan on taking her?
Boomer: I don’t know yet, but its somewhere safer than here.
Maria: This is some plan you got.
Boomer: *sigh* Shut up Maria!


Narrator: Aghastia is on the run to escape the area.
Aghastia: Thank you Precious…I just hope you made it out safely.
Narrator: As Aghastia was escaping she met up with Whendy.
Aghastia: Oh hey Whendy! I didn’t expect to be seeing you until I got back.
Whendy: Well Precious said she would have you back in one day. I noticed it was taking longer than she said, so I decided to come and help if needed.
Aghastia: *Aghastia bows* I’m sorry for my behavior. My behavior has caused you to get severely injured and almost got you kill. I’m terribly sorry.
Whendy: I forgive you. My question is why were you so anxious to fight Bakar?
Aghastia: That killer part of me had an urge to kill somebody strong. I just wanted to see his blood everywhere.
Whendy: Well now that I know you have such an urge I will make sure to plan for it. I can tell clearly that you don’t think when you do that you just rush in.
Aghastia: I hope Precious is ok.
Whendy: Don’t worry about her she’s a big girl. I’ve known her for quite a while so I have faith she will make it back.


Narrator: Wolphilya finally has the place to herself. She begins to bust out crying as she looks at Rammer’s dead body. She cleans up his wound as she’s crying and blaming herself for his death.
Wolphilya: I’m sorry Rammie-honey I didn’t expect Dovargent would be able to get pass our security system and our fortresses defenses. If only I didn’t have Ramekala in my arms I could have done something to save you.
Narrator: After Wolphilya cleaned up all the blood and fixed his wound she began working on a coffin that would keep his body from decaying.
Wolphilya: I may not be able to hear your voice no more, but at least I will be able to see your handsome face
Narrator: After a few hours has passed Wolphilya putted on a cloaking device belt. She steps out her fortress and decides to walk around her old elementary school and old town she lived in.
Wolphilya: Wow and to think that many years has passed since I met you. Before you moved to my school life was a living hell and everybody hated me and my intelligence. *starts crying* Oh Rammer…I miss you so much…there’s no man out there for me except you.
Narrator: Wolphilya starts walking around the park and starts noticing a lot of couples kissing, hugging and holding hands. As she sees the couples when walking through the park she begins to get angry and frustrated and jealous.
Wolphilya: It’s not fair these women get to keep their man while I don’t. Why can’t I have my happiness? I became 21 not too long ago. I finally became a full adult and as soon as that happens I lose my love. Fuck that! If I can’t have my man…no woman will!


Narrator: Precious moans in pain as her hip is starting to hurt more. Boomer gets closer to her and tried to help her but she pushed him away.
Precious: Get away from me!
Boomer: I’m trying to help you.
Precious: Why do you care so much!?
Boomer: Because I believe you can change for the better.
Precious: *looks away angry* Hmph! Fine I’ll let you help.
Boomer: Look I’ll take you to my place and you can heal in my bed.
Maria: Damn Boomer I see you. You trying to hit that huh? *smirking*
Boomer: No Maria I’m being serious. I’ll let her sleep in my bed while I’ll sleep on my couch.
Maria: Oh…ok we will see about that. *she smirks at him*
Precious: Is this your way of trying to get me to sleep with you?
Boomer: Look would you rather be on this cold hard ass ground or would you rather be in my warm bed? Also don’t worry I’ll be on my couch.
Precious: Ok…fine…
Narrator: Boomer picks her up and heads towards his place.
Maria: You got a long way to go before you make it back to Alpine Acres.
Boomer: Yeah I know…
Maria: Good luck carrying her heavy ass.
Boomer: *sigh* Thank you Maria. *annoyed look*

(Few Hours Later)

Boomer: Damn I’m so tired, but we finally made it to my house.
Narrator: Boomer lays Precious in his bed.
Boomer: My gawd for a small woman you’re heavy.
Precious: Well all this sexy thickness isn’t light you know. So this is where you live? I’m surprised you are able to manage a place like this.
Maria: Now that I think about it…now that she knows where you live she could easily have any Dovargent member capture you. Not only that if any of Janine’s warriors find out you keeping a criminal here especially a international criminal you could do some serious jail time, and you won’t be able to talk yourself out of it.
Boomer: That won’t happen Maria and besides I don’t get much company plus I’m barely home.
Precious: So what makes you think I won’t attack you after I recover from this injury?
Boomer: You said it yourself earlier that you’ll wait till I’m the last one so I could watch all the ones I try to save fall before me.
Precious: What makes you think I won’t go back on my word?
Boomer: Because I know deep down inside you still care for me.
Precious: You’re still going on about that bullshit?
Boomer: Of course I am. There’s no way you could have went through all the stuff we had without feeling anything.
Precious: Well you are here and not captured right? That was my gratitude for you giving me a good time on Earth.
Maria: Well shit Boomer can give you a good time right now *giggled*
Boomer: Shush Maria.
Precious: I still hate men don’t you remember? I already told you the story of what happened to me. I will never forget or forgive what you nasty creatures are!
Boomer: You do know that the group you’re with has men in it right?
Precious: Of course I know, doesn’t mean I can’t work with men even though I hate them.
Maria: My gawd I totally forgot how many problems this bitch has. She needs to get laid…like seriously. I bet if she gets some she will change her opinion about men.
Boomer: Damn Maria that was kinda harsh, but…it’s true. Well Precious this is what I think…I think a pretty woman like you shouldn’t do the things you do. I believe there’s more to you than you think.
Narrator: Precious gives him a disgusted look.
Precious: *sigh* Well I think I’m ready to go to sleep now.
Narrator: She pulls the covers over her head as she tries to fall asleep and have Boomer leave the room.
Maria: Just give up on her Boomer. You can’t trust her. She will manipulate you, use you and get information out of you. She’s only looking out for herself and maybe her friends.
Boomer: I guess you’re right…wait! I totally forgot about Mystic’s fortune he told me. Maybe I should look forward into that instead of trying to change Precious.
Maria: I like this idea way better than you trying to fix Precious.
Narrator: Boomer gets a cover out the closet and pulls out the bed from the couch and then drifts off to sleep. Precious in the other room is trying to sleep but can’t sleep because of the pain of her hip.
Precious: Damn it I’m in so much pain. The Ursuspreme really packs a punch. I might actually have to stay low until the pain stops.


Narrator: Wolphilya is sitting on the old bench near her childhood school playground.
Wolphilya: Damn just looking at this playground brings back memories.

(Rammer & Wolphilya’s Past)

Narrator: 14 years ago after losing both parents and some of his memories, Rammer was in the care of two mean foster parents.
Rammer: Hey dad look what I made! It’s a toy plane that I plan on making remote controllable as soon as I get this *interrupted*
Reggie: I don’t give a damn about your toy plane! Cant you see I’m busy with other things? Get that shit out of my face!
Narrator: He knocks the toy out of Rammer’s hand and breaks it. Rammer begins to cry as he sees his hard work toy breaks.
Reggie: You better stop that damn crying or else I’ll lock you in the room.
Rammer: At the foster home you were a lot nicer to me.
Reggie: Of course I was because they wouldn’t let me adopt you if I didn’t. Besides most people want to adopt kids younger than the age of 7 so be grateful that you have a family you little shit! Now get ready for you bed. You will be enrolled at Aveda Turnock Elementary School tomorrow.
Narrator: Rammer went up to his room still treay-eyed about his broken plane.
Rammer: Why does the world hate me so much? I can’t remember much of my past except my real mother and my little brother who got adopted before me. I hope this new school can be a safe place for me to escape from my foster parents.

The Next Day

Narrator: Rammer enrolled at Aveda Turnock Elementary for the 3rd grade because of his high IQ.
Ms. Royce: Today class we have a new student. Can you please tell your name to the class?
Rammer: Hi! My name is Rammer Ezekiel Spegen. It’s nice to meet all of you.
Narrator: Everybody kind of looked away after hearing his last name Spegen.
Ms. Royce: Well Rammer glad to have you in my class. Now pick a seat wherever you want.
Rammer: Ok.
Narrator: He picks the seat next to the very sad grey wolf. Later that day Rammer showed off his smarts by answering every question and how ahead of the class he was. Little did he know it made his classmates not like him any much more.

Later That Day

Rammer: Hey guys can I play kickball with you?
Boy #1: Why don’t you go play with Ms. Royce teacher’s pet!
Narrator: Everybody on the kickball field laughed at Rammer and started chanting teacher’s pet.
Rammer: Stop making fun of me!
Narrator: He runs off crying and decided to go to the swings where he meets the grey wolf again.
Wolphilya: I showed off my smarts in class too and I was hated as well for it. I have no friends and the girls bully me. They call me ugly and misses know it all. When recess comes around I stay far away from the others so I don’t have to worry about being bullied. The best advice I can give you is stay away from the others.

Later That Day

Nomimi: So how was your first day of school?
Rammer: I hate it! I have no friends and I was bullied.
Reggie: Well get over it! I don’t give a shit if you are bullied. Get over it and deal with it!
Narrator: Rammer begins to cry and runs up to his room in his bed.
Rammer: *sigh* Why is my life like this? What did I do to deserve this? I hate my foster parents! I hate everyone! I’m going to make everyone suffer!
Narrator: Rammer changes a bit that night.

Few Weeks Later

Narrator: Rammer tries to stand up to the bullies during recess.
Kid #1: Hey look guys! The loser came back another time this week.
Rammer: Why do you always pick on me?
Kid #2:: Because you are the youngest of our grade and you’re a teacher’s pet.
Kid #1: You know what let him play dodge ball with us.
Rammer: Finally you guys are giving me a chance.
Kid #2:: Hold it teacher’s pet…you’re the one who’s throwing the ball.
Rammer: Fine…I guess it’s better than not playing at all.

10 Minutes Later

Narrator: Rammer was able to hit one of the kids that kept bullying him in the face. The other kids started laughing at the boy and the boy got enraged and beat the crap out of Rammer.
Kid #1: Know your place bitch!
Narrator: Rammer was taken to the nurse’s room. The other kid was suspended and sent home.
Rammer: *crying* I don’t understand Mrs. Neesa why do the boys stay bullying me? All I want is at least one friend but everybody hates me.
Mrs. Neesa: I don’t know what to say honey, but there’s somebody else who has troubles like you.
Rammer: Are you talking about Wolphilya?
Mrs. Neesa: Yeah her! You should be friends with her because she always talking to me about having no friends as well.
Rammer: I wouldn’t mind but after we talk she disappears or starts ignoring me.
Mrs. Neesa: Just try harder because she looks very depressed and I tried to talk to her but I just can’t seem to get to her. Please help her before she does something crazy.
Rammer: I’ll…try…I guess.
Narrator: Later that day when Rammer got home his foster parents seem very disappointed.
Nomimi: So I heard your little ass got whipped at school today.
Reggie: So prepare for the beating that you’re about to get for embarrassing us.
Rammer: No! Please! I’m already sore from earlier!
Reggie & Nomimi: Don’t care!
Narrator: Rammer gets beaten even more and then something snaps in Rammer’s brain once his beating was over.
Reggie: I hope you learn your lesson about embarrassing us like that.
Narrator: Rammer says nothing but goes to his room and mumbles.
Rammer: I fucking hate everything! The world hates me and I have no reason to live. Tonight I’m going to fucking kill myself and have my guts sitting in front of the house door and then they will be sorry.
Narrator: Later that night during the full moon Rammer got on top of the roof and was about to jump but decided to look at the full moon for the last time.
Rammer: Well full moon this looks like the last time I’ll see you. Good-bye full moon.
Narrator: Rammer jumps off the roof but a person in dark clothes with a hoodie covering their face has grabbed Rammer’s leg causing him to hit his head but saved his life.
Mystery: It’s not your time kid.
Rammer: Yes it is! The world hates me and I don’t want to live anymore besides why do you care? Also who are you anyway?
Mystery: I can’t tell you but you can just call me Mystery. Also you will soon get one friend and you and them will be best friends and have a bond like no other. Please don’t kill yourself and give yourself more time.
Rammer: *sigh* Fine I’ll give it more time, but I won’t like it.
Mystery: Good…
Narrator: They disappear without even Rammer noticing. Rammer’s head injury has helped him gain some of his old memories back about his father causing him to hate his brother again. Rammer sneaks back in his room and went to bed.

Few Months Later

Narrator: Rammer became just like Wolphilya. He would distant himself from everybody like she would. Then one day during recess he saw Wolphilya getting bullied by 3 girls.
Wolphilya: Please give me my necklace back! My mom gave it to me before she disappeared.
Narrator: The 3 girls kept tossing it around until they dropped it. Wolphilya busted out crying as she stared at the broken necklace.
Wolphilya: No! This is all I have left of my mother before she went missing.
Gabby: That dumb bitch is probably dead. She’s not missing…she just killed herself because she was a loser like you.
Narrator: Wolphilya became enraged with anger. When the girls turned around Wolphilya pulled out the scissors she stole from the classroom and charged at Gabby.
Narrator: Before she was about to stab Gabby in the back of the neck Rammer picked up Wolphilya and fled scene.

Wolphilya: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Why did you stop me from killing her!?
Rammer: Psh! Are you crazy? So you won’t be sent to prison of course.
Wolphilya: I don’t care if I get sent to prison anyway! My life is fucking shit! The girls constantly bully me and my foster parents treat me like shit as well. Also you’re a bigger loser than me. You were a loser since day one, you have no friends and got your ass whipped on the kickball field.
Rammer: I tried to help you but fuck you. If you wanna go to prison then fine! Actually you know what…why don’t you just do the world a favor and just DROP DEAD!
Narrator: After Rammer said that Wolphilya just had let all of her anger go and just sat quietly.
Wolphilya: Well Rammer I think I needed that so um…thank you.
Narrator: After school there was a terrible storm going on that lasted for the whole night.
Rammer: Wow even though there’s a terrible thunderstorm the moon is still gorgeous.
Narrator: There’s a rushing river of water that would carry anybody into the Chaotic Ocean if anybody is swept by it. Rammer notices Wolphilya near the rushing water.
Rammer: What the hell is she doing?
Narrator: Rammer realized what she was about to do and rushes over quickly.
Wolphilya: I have no reason to live. Nobody likes me and my foster parents mistreat me. I guess there’s nothing else to do, but do as he said…and drop dead. Good-bye cruel world.
Narrator: Wolphilya closes her eyes as she makes the jump and expected to land in the water but Rammer grabbed her and saved her from her death.
Wolphilya: Let go of me and just let me die!
Rammer: Sorry I can’t let you do that Wolphilya.
Wolphilya: *she begins to cry* Everybody hates me! My classmates, foster family and even some of country people look down at me! So I’m taking your advice and dropping dead.
Rammer: Look Wolphilya I’m sorry for telling you to drop dead. It was wrong of me and I’m sorry.
Narrator: He pulls her up and away from the river.
Wolphilya: Why did you save me damn it!? Don’t you get it! I don’t want to live anymore! All I ever wanted was at least one friend and I can’t even get a single damn friend!
Narrator: Wolphilya heads towards the edge of the bridge but before she jumps Rammer speaks.
Rammer: I’ll be your friend!
Narrator: Wolphilya’s heart jumps in excitement as she turns around wondering if he really will be her friend.
Wolphilya: Re…really!? You will be my friend?
Rammer: Yes! I will be your friend…
Wolphilya: Oh thank you! Thank you! I was so lonely.
Narrator: Wolphilya bursts into tears then proceeds to glomp Rammer. Rammer smiles as she glomped him as he too felt happy of not being alone anymore.
Rammer: (I guess Mystery was right…so is this the friend I’m going to have a strong bond with?)
Narrator: Rammer takes Wolphilya back home then heads home himself.

8 Years Later

Narrator: Rammer and Wolphilya became best friends over the years. They found out they had a lot in common. They both were the same age, both had foster parents, both are outcast. They even realized that they have the same birthday. Right now they are 15 years old and on their last year of school. Wolphilya knocks on Rammer’s door to see if he’s ready for school. Reggie answer the door.
Wolphilya: *smiling* Hey Mr. Reggie is Rammer ready for school.
Reggie: Rammer! Bring your ass! Your friend is waiting for you!
Nomimi: Wow Wolphilya you have grown into a uh…voluptuous woman. *still staring her down*
Rammer: Mom! Quit embarrassing me!
Nomimi: I’m sorry but I can’t help but comment.
Reggie: You two always together. * crossing his arms and raises his brow*
Rammer: crossing his arms and raises his brow.
Reggie: Yeah, yeah whatever…y’all better not be having sex.
Narrator: Wolphilya covers her mouth with one hand as she is shocked from what she just heard. Rammer makes a annoyed puzzled look.
Rammer: Seriously…we are nothing but friends.
Wolphilya: Yeah what he said.
Rammer: Now we will be on our way to school…we are late.
Narrator: Rammer and Wolphilya make it to school 20 minutes late. Rammer and Wolphilya share all their classes together including homeroom.
Ms. Eja: Rammer and Wolphilya you are late!
Wolphilya: Calm down Ms. Eja you know we have straight A’s in all our classes.
Ms. Eja: True but I can’t treat you like you’re special.
Rammer: But we are special though Ms. Eja. We are geniuses and the class are idiots.
Ms. Eja: Rammer! Apologize! Right now!
Rammer: *sigh* Ok…I’m sorry for telling the truth about you guys.
Narrator: Rammer is about to leave the classroom until Wolphilya stops him.
Wolphilya: Don’t go Rammer just stay here. The teacher won’t do anything.
Narrator: Like Wolphilya said Ms. Eja didn’t do anything after class. In the hallway Glacia and her friends smirk at Wolphilya when they saw her with Rammer. Wolphilya notices and walks over to Glacia and her friends as Rammer went to the locker room to get ready for gym class.
Wolphilya: What’s so funny Glacia?
Glacia: You two! That’s what’s so funny. I mean like…how long have you two known each other?
Wolphilya: We known each other since we were 7, and we been best friends since.
Glacia: How old are you exactly?
Wolphilya: I’m 15 years old. I thought you knew that already.
Glacia: No, I thought you were 17 or 18.
Wolphilya: No I was always younger than you. How could you not tell?
Glacia: Girl! you’re almost as tall as me, and you have huge tits with a big ass! Also you’re 15 in your last year of high school. Like damn! How many grades did you skip?
Wolphilya: I skipped 3 grades and so did Rammer. We are both geniuses. *she smiled*
Glacia: So let me get this straight…y’all known each other since 7, both geniuses, and have the same birthday and you’re cute as hell.
Wolphilya: Yeah so?
Glacia: So!? His hormones should be raging for you. Yours too girl! I know you noticed that he’s really cute.
Wolphilya: Yeah he’s cute but we are nothing but friends. We promised each other to be nothing more but just best friends.
Jessika: Well shit…I’m about to talk to him then. Glacia told me not to get between y’all, but hey if you aren’t interested I’ll gladly start talking to him. I saw him with no shirt on…and my gawd he has some really nice abs. I don’t care if he’s two years younger than me…I’m going to rock his little world.
Wolphilya: You act like males and females can’t be friends.
Glacia: They can be friends…just not from your caliber.
Wolphilya: Why not!?
Glacia: Because you come from a life of pain and suffering. There’s no other person in the world that understands your pain then him. Also didn’t he save your life? Girl! You two were meant for each other.


Narrator: Rammer was getting changed in the locker room.
Benard: So Rammer…you dating that cutie Wolphilya?
Rammer: Naw…were just best friends.
Benard: C’mon on Rammer you know damn well that you would hit that.
Rammer: To be honest, yes but not the way you are thinking though. Like…if she approached me in a manner…then yes I would hit it only if she wants it. And no, I wouldn’t wait till she’s weak, nor would I plan anything so I could bang her. But if she wants it I would give it to her because she wants pleasure and as her best friend I’m happy to help.
Benard: Bruh! Best friends don’t do that. Lovers are more known for that. Also if that situation did come up all it proves is that she’s into you.
Rammer: Nah, we promised each other to be nothing but best friends.
Benard: Y’all biggies crazy but its whatever. *shaking his head*
Wulrick: (Yes this gives me a chance with Wolphilya.)
Narrator: During gym class the class ran laps around the gym. When the class finally took a break Wulrick gain the courage to ask Wolphilya out.
Wulrick: So…um…Wolphilya…I’ve known you for awhile and had always had tried to help you after finding out about your suicide attempt 8 years ago and I was wondering if I can get to know you better.
Jessika: Aww shit! Girl he trying to talk to you. Damn cutie…you have some big balls asking her out in front of all of us. Instead of talking to her how about you meet me after class so I could see if those big balls isn’t the only thing you’re packing. *giving him a sexual smirk.*
Narrator: Glacia just rolls her eyes as Wolphilya just stands there quiet and blushing.
Jessika: And who knows…if it is big…I’ll suck your di- *interrupted*
Glacia: Ok Jessika that’s…enough. You’re embarrassing the poor boy.
Narrator: Wulrick was turned on and embarrassed from Jessika’s words. He got a boner showing through his gym shorts. The girls noticed and begin to laugh except Wolphilya.
Wolphilya: Wulrick…um…I- *interrupted*
Wulrick: I’ll talk later…bye. *running off covering himself*
Glacia: Jeez Jessika do you have to be such a slut?
Jessika: Hey don’t get mad that foxes aren’t the only sexiest women upon the fuman race. Us rabbits are what guys want. A freak in the sheets.
Glacia: *sigh* Whatever bitch.
Narrator: On the last week of school for Rammer and Wolphilya, Wulrick tries again to ask Wolphilya out.
Wulrick: Wolphilya I know you’re graduating early but I would like to go out with you.
Wolphilya: Wulrick…I- *interrupted*
Wulrick: Before you say anything…is it Rammer? Are you in love with him? Because if you do, I understand. *frowning*
Wolphilya: No, I don’t…Rammer and I are nothing but best friends. Wulrick you’re sweet but I need more time to think.
Wulrick: (Yes! That means I have a chance!) Alright then Wolphilya I understand.
Narrator: On Rammer and Wolphilya’s last day of school they got in trouble and their early graduation was cancelled and their foster parents was notified. When they got home their foster parents gave them a talk.
Reggie: Damn it boy! You just had to fuck up your early graduation! Its that wolf bitch isn’t it!? You’re fucking her aren’t you!? That little slut should have died 8 years ago!
Rammer: DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT!!! *He punches Reggie in the face*
Reggie: Nomimi get the boy before I kill him!
Nomimi: Rammer you’re never ever to speak or see Wolphilya again!
Rammer: But that’s not fair she’s my best friend.
Nomimi: Well too bad! Every time we hear problems from your school it’s always dealing with you and Wolphilya. If I see her near our property I’ll have her arrested.
Rammer: That’s not fair! She’s my best friend!
Reggie: I don’t give a FUCK! If I see that bitch! She’s getting arrested! End of story!
Narrator: Rammer goes up to his room and shuts the door. He sets up his hologram that shows him sleeping as he sneak outs the window and goes on a walk. He runs into Wolphilya 17 minutes later.
Wolphilya: Rammer my father said I can’t be around you anymore. He said he won’t hesitate to kill you.
Rammer: Man, fuck our foster parents! They started treating us nicely once we made them look good but as soon as we get in trouble they do this shit to us.
Wolphilya: Rammer I was thinking we should run away from home. I mean like they aren’t our real parents anyway. We can take care of ourselves, we are geniuses…no…world geniuses.
Rammer: Exactly! Well we should build us a home.
Wolphilya: We could do better than that.
Rammer: All right I got it, we should build a flying fortress.
Wolphilya: Where will we start building a flying fortress though?
Rammer: We will build it behind the waterfall that has a cave. You know…the one where the waterfalls into that small lake?
Wolphilya: Well of course I do! It’s near the river that I was going to commit suicide in. By the way…thank you for saving my life.
Rammer: You already thanked me 8 years ago.
Wolphilya: I know…its just that…I would have never met a wonderful guy like you if I had died.
Narrator: Both Rammer and Wolphilya began to blush at each other after that statement. This is the first night where Rammer and Wolphilya’s attraction for each other started to grow.
Rammer: *said shyly* Well…um…let’s meet up tomorrow with all our equipment from our houses so we can get started.
Wolphilya: *said shyly* Um…ok
Narrator: The both of them head home and thought to themselves.
Rammer & Wolphilya: (Oh my gawd am I in love with him/her?)
Narrator: Later that night Wulrick ran into Wolphilya.
Wulrick: Hey Wolphilya! Since we are here…I would like to know if you made up your mind.
Wolphilya: I’m sorry Wulrick but I don’t have an answer right now.
Wulrick: *sigh* Its Rammer isn’t it?
Wolphilya: No it’s not Rammer damn it! I’m tired of everybody saying we a couple. I just don’t want a relationship right now…ok?
Wulrick: Ok…I’m sorry that I made you angry. *he sadly walks away*
Narrator: Rammer and Wolphilya spent the rest of June on building their fortress. They snuck out every late night to finish their fortress. They finished their fortress at midnight on July 4th.
Rammer: Dag these late nights were rough but we finally finished.
Wolphilya: I know right!? I’m surprised we finished this early.
Rammer: We can work on the upgrades later…but…Wolphilya I have to tell you something.
Wolphilya: Yes? What is it Rammer?
Rammer: I’m sorry Wolphilya, but I couldn’t keep our promise. Wolphilya Jennifer Fibreaks…I love you.
Narrator: Wolphilya just pauses for a moment and thinks to herself. She’s happy to hear that he loves her but is also mad that he broke their promise.
Wolphilya: You promised! We agreed on nothing but being best friends!
Rammer: I know! I know! But recently after all this time being around you…I realized that you’re the one for me.
Wolphilya: *sigh* You’re a jerk Rammer, but I love you too!
Narrator: She glomps Rammer and begins to kiss Rammer. As she kisses him Rammer starts squeezing her butt. He is turned on by their making out and how soft her body is, but Rammer pushes her off.
Rammer: We shouldn’t be doing this…
Narrator: Rammer tries to get to the fortress but Wolphilya grabs him from behind trying to stop him.
Wolphilya: Aww don’t be like that Rammer. You know you want me. While you’re saying no…this big guy I’m grabbing is saying yes. C’mon Rammer its our birthday, let’s enjoy our birthday in our birthday suits in the lake. *seducing him*
Rammer: That lake is cold thought and shouldn’t we get ready to go though?
Narrator: Wolphilya is holding a gadget hat looks like a underwater heater.
Wolphilya: I took this to the pool to make it into a Jacuzzi and it worked. So I have full confidence that this will work in a lake. She drags Rammer out the cave and makes him turn around as she gets the lake ready.
Rammer: Wolphilya I don’t understand why- oh shit! you’re naked! *shocked just staring at her body*
Wolphilya: You like what you see? *biting on her finger with a sexy pose* Come and get it!
Narrator: Rammer does not hesitate as he strips naked and gets in the steaming hot lake as he pulls Wolphilya closer to him.
Wolphilya: *begging* I want it! Please don’t make me wait any longer!
Rammer: Don’t worry, don’t worry… *demanding* now bend over!


Wulrick: Today is the day! I’m going to tell Wolphilya that I love her. I know its midnight but I just can’t wait to give her all my heart.
Narrator: Wulrick is carrying a hand full of sunflowers as he’s on his way to Wolphilya’s house to give them to her and pour his heart out. On the way to her house he heard moaning near the lake with the waterfall.
Wulrick: Is it just me, or do I hear Wolphilya?
Narrator: He peaks through the bushes and notices shadows banging each other. Once the steam clears up a bit he sees Rammer and Wolphilya having sex in the lake. Wulrick’s heart is completely crushed, and he feels liking dying after seeing that.
Wolphilya: Oh Rammer it feels so good! Do me harder!
Wulrick: I can’t believe she would lie to me…TO ME!! I asked her if she was into Rammer and she told me no. That bitch fucking lied to me! Oh wait till their parents see this.

(20 Minutes Later)

Rammer: My gawd Wolphilya that was amazing!
Wolphilya: You’re right that was amazing. You banged me so well.
Rammer: I didn’t expect to lose my virginity at 16.
Wolphilya: Same here…um…let’s do it again.
Narrator: She gets on top of him again, but both of them didn’t notice that their parents caught them.
Reggie: Oh, but I ain’t fucking her…with your lying ass.
Rammer: Are you fucking kidding me!? This whole time when we weren’t doing anything you never checked on us. But the moment we finally do something you catch us assuming we been doing this the whole time…that’s bullshit!
Nomimi: As cute as you to are you know that interracial couples is illegal right?
Rammer: That’s only a rule because the higher-ups are scared of new bloodlines happening that’s why.
Wolphilya: Wolphilya is embarrassed as she hops out the water covering herself as she heads in the cave to cover herself behind the waterfall.
Rammer: To be honest we both hated you guys. Ever since I got my memories of my real parents back I’ve hated you two. Wolphilya said she even hated you guys as well Wolly and Wolla.
Wolla: We only took that little slut in because Wolivia went missing.
Wolphilya: That’s why I can’t stand y’all! You never gave a damn about me! All y’all cared about was that paycheck. Y’all didn’t even know I tried to commit suicide until last year when you accidently heard about the news. If it wasn’t for Rammer I’ll be dead right now. I will admit that you guys were right about one thing though.
Wolly: Which was?
Wolphilya: That I was going to fall in love with Rammer soon or later and I did. And now that I am in love with him I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life with him. Good-bye…asshole parents!
Narrator: Rammer and Wolphilya both rushed into the fortress and flew off to get away.
Wolphilya: Since you broke your other promise…please promise me that you will be with me forever.
Rammer: I promise with all my heart.
Narrator: They kiss each other after making that promise.
Wolphilya: So um Rammer…I still want that round 2. * biting her finger sexually again*
Rammer: Damn girl you still horny!?

(Rammer & Wolphilya’s Past Flashback Over)

Wolphilya: Oh! Rammer I miss you so much! I hope you are enjoying yourself in the afterlife. I’ll take good care of our daughter. Rest in peace Rammer Ezekiel Spegen…my love.


Boomer The Goat: Chapter 10
©Belongs to me
*disclaimer* Certain scenes aren't actually what they seem to be. Just no visuals to actually prove the way I wanted to be viewed.


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